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Pre-Sports Health Assessment Programme

Pre-Sports Health Assessment Programme

Sports are good for health. However, not all sports are suitable for every individual. Sports with vigorous intensity can be especially taxing on cardiovascular system, therefore may become a burden for people who are physically unfit or with undiagnosed cardiac issues. 

Our Pre-Sports Health Assessment Programme (the “Programme”) is designed for sports lovers from a sports medicine perspective by adopting internationally recognised protocols to facilitate safe and healthy exercises. Based on the sports histories, individual and family histories, cardiac and musculoskeletal conditions as well as electrocardiogram and blood analysis of the Programme participants, our specialty doctor can help in assessing the cardiac risks for having sports and risks for sports injury. Doctor will also provide advice and referral for follow-up if needed. 
The Programme is suitable for:
(1) people who do not have habit of exercising and wish to start exercising
(2) sports lovers who like to increase exercise intensity
(3) people who plan to participate in high-intensity sports competitions


Programme Features

  • Designed based on internationally recognised standards
  • Include cardiac and musculoskeletal health assessments, two critical aspects of pre-sports health check-up 
  • Professional analysis and advice from specialist doctor for safe exercise planning
  • Supported by our multi-disciplinary team including orthopaedist and cardiologist, as well as Sports Medicine experts 


Programme Details and Fee 

Programme Items

  • Health Assessment

  • Musculoskeletal Clinical Examination

  • Blood Analysis

  • Electrocardiogram (ECG)

  • Report Review and Recommendation by Orthopaedic Specialist

Fee (HKD)



Booking and Enquiry: 3468 7141