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MenCare Health Check Programme

MenCare Health Check Programme

Starting from HK$2,500 for MenCare Health Check Programme.  Book now!    


MenCare Health Check Programme
Choose a life of strength
Professional health assessment 
Customisable and Fit-For-You
Holistic care approach 

MenCare Health Check Programme, managed and administered by the professional medical team at CUHK Medical Clinic, is a customisable check-up programme dedicated to all men, aiming at the holistic wellness of you and your family.


Making professional personal

Our medical team will conduct an in-depth analysis of your health condition, family medical history, health risk and many other factors, and propose a personalised check-up plan that fits you. We believe your check-up should be based on the “right fit” principle and avoid unnecessary procedures.

To help you make better and healthier decisions, your doctor will provide a thorough debrief of the check-up results, and provide advices and recommend follow-up actions if necessary.


With flexibility comes options

We offer 3 types of plans for men with different health needs. The opt-in items under the Health Plus Check-up Scheme allows you to customise and add on based on your doctor’s recommendation, so your check-up always suits your needs.


The Care Flow

Plan Details and Fee

Health Plus Check-up Scheme

Important Information
  1. Please dress comfortably on check-up day and avoid necklace or other metallic accessories. 
  2. Avoid staying up late, drinking or strenuous exercising the day before your check-up. 
  3. Please notify your doctor of any on-going use of medication such as hypertension, diabetes, and/or cardiovascular diseases. 
  4. In case fasting blood test is necessary for blood lipid or glucose level monitoring, patients should avoid eating or drinking for at least 9 hours prior. 
  5.  Please notify the medical team prior to any blood draw if you have blood or needle phobia. 
  6. Please follow instructions from the medical team during your check-up. If you experience any discomfort, notify the team immediately. 
Frequently Asked Questions
  1. Q:    Should I undergo health check only when I am not feeling well?
    A:    Many health issues, such as hypertension, diabetes, or even cancer do not display obvious symptoms in their early stages. If you only undergo health check when unwell arises, it is possible that the condition has progressed to a later stage, potentially losing the golden window and making treatment difficult. The exact purpose of health check is to undercover illnesses or conditions in their early stages, where treatment or other preventive measures are the most effective – it is for this reason that you are recommended to undergo regular check-ups.
  2. Q:    Why men of all ages need to undergo regular physical examinations?
    A:    Men of different ages have different health needs – younger men tend to have irregular living habits such as lack of rest, imbalanced diet, lack of exercise, drinking or smoking, which could lead to health issues; as one ages, endocrinological problems, such as central obesity, hypertension, diabetes, high triglycerides levels, are more prevalent. Hence, men of all ages should undergo health check-ups regularly. Our medical team will recommend the relevant items based on your health condition, as well as medical history of yourself and your family.
  3. Q:    Why is it important to have doctor consultation before and after the check-up? 
    A:    It is crucial that our doctor understands your body and health condition, dietary practice, personal and family medical history and other risk factors before your check-up to design a personalised check-up programme fit to your needs. 
    For post-check consultation, since health check reports can include a large amount of information and metrics, a thorough debrief and analysis from our doctor will help you have an accurate understanding of the implications and your health condition, avoiding any misunderstanding and anxiety. Moreover, our doctor can recommend any follow-up actions if necessary, so you can respond to the situation as soon as possible. 
  4. Q:    Is a health check required annually?
    A:    If you carry certain risk factors, such as the habit of smoking or drinking, aging, or as indicated in your family medical history, you might benefit from a more frequent testing. Your doctor will be able to suggest a testing schedule after thoroughly evaluating your conditions.
  5. Q:    How long does the check-up take?
    A:    Depending on the check-up items, most procedures are completed within a half day, with the report available in 7 to 10 working days.
  6. Q:    May I request a male doctor for my check-up?
    A:    You may request male doctors for check-up procedures. Please indicate your preference at the time of making your appointment.

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