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Press Release

05Aug 2020

Statement: Fraudulent Letters Purporting to be Issued by CUHK Medical Clinic

CUHK Medical Clinic is aware that fraudulent letters purporting to be issued by CUHK Medical Clinic were distributed to members of the public recently, claiming that CUHK Medical Clinic will provide “special offer of COVID-19 testing service” to residents living in pandemic-stricken districts . The fraudulent letters, each bearing a WhatsApp contact and a hotline, were undersigned by “Professor Wu Che Yuen, Chief Operating Officer of CUHK Medical Clinic”. CUHK Medical Clinic hereby solemnly clarifies that the Clinic has never issued such letters and messages. The content of all such letters is fabricated and counterfeit, while CUHK Medical Clinic holds no relations with all these letters. CUHK Medical Clinic strongly condemns such deceptive act and will report to the police, and CUHK Medical Clinic reserves all rights to take any further actions.

CUHK Medical Clinic wishes to remind members of the public that in view of the recent strong demand for COVID-19 testing service, the Clinic currently only accepts testing service bookings from groups, business partners and corporate entities through the Corporate Support Programme, and will only accept bookings and enquiries made via the service webpage (COVID-19 Testing Service (Company/Group)). If members of the public are in doubt, please refer to the website of CUHK Medical Clinic ( or the Facebook page of CUHK Medical Centre ( for official information.